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Van Gogh Museum

Tour Description

Think Dutch art Masters and the first name that springs to mind is Van Gogh. Despite losing his sanity (and an ear!) in later life, his genius is unquestioned and he is regarded as one of the greatest of the Impressionists. A ticket to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam takes you on a guided tour of his finest work, from the iconic Sunflowers to the dazzling Starry Night. This Amsterdam Museum is also an interactive centre, with walk-in workshops and special children’s ‘treasure hunts’ through the museum’s galleries. A great way to spend a day appreciating one of the greatest Dutch artists!


  • Learn about the genius of Van Gogh
  • See some of the world’s most iconic Impressionist paintings
  • Take a guided museum tour to get a greater understanding of his work
  • One of Amsterdam’s principle museums
  • Special ‘Treasure Hunts’ to introduce kids to the magic of art
  • Be inspired to pick up a paintbrush yourself at a walk-in workshop!


  • Skip the line ticket

Please Note

Please go to the Stromma Shop opposite Rijksmuseum with your voucher before visiting the museum (you can come before the date on your ticket if you want). Here you can choose a timeslot for your visit. After choosing your time slot you will get a the official Van Gogh ticket. With this ticket you can go the Van Gogh Museum at the chosen time slot and you can get in without having to wait in line!