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Hermitage Amsterdam

Tour Description

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the Hermitage Museum but just don’t seem to be able to make it to St Petersburg, this is your chance! One of the most popular Amsterdam museums, the Hermitage Museum is part of the world-famous Russian museum. Inside you’ll find a huge collection of art and cultural items originally assembled by the Russian Tsars. And if that wasn’t enough, the museum building– the Amstelhof - dates back to the 17th century. There’s even a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the building, so you’re effectively getting two museum tickets for the price of one – bonus!


  • Part of one of world’s largest and oldest museums
  • Discover an amazing collection of art and cultural treasures
  • See the kind of art that the Russian Tsars deemed fit to put in a museum!
  • Explore the intriguing history of the Amstelhof building
  • Save yourself a trip to St Petersburg!
  • Wander through a host of permanent and temporary exhibitions
  • The perfect place to get cultured, or to indulge a lifelong passion for art
  • A great rainy day attraction in Amsterdam
  • A constantly changing range of exhibits, so perfect for return visits!


  • guided tours, available in several languages (
  • audio guide

Please Note

Please exchange the voucher for an entrance ticket at the ticket counter of Hermitage Amsterdam